Linda Kelly shoots with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III that has a full frame sensor to capture the action and priceless moments in challenging light conditions.

She has become a seasoned photographer and wildlife enthusiast after a lifelong career as a creative/art director and graphic designer. Her lifetime graphics background gives her photography a creative edge.

She has received numerous photo awards and is routinely published in “Montana Outdoors” and “Outside Bozeman.” Her images have been used for commercial application such as packaging and for national awareness campaigns.

Linda has photographed from inner cities to designated wilderness areas… from on horseback to inside private jets. Her passion is spending time in remote wilderness areas with all her four-legged companions. She has lived most of her life with dogs and horses.  She photographs most of the time in Montana and Wyoming, near and inside Yellowstone National Park where her love for wildlife thrives!


In the 1980s, before moving to Montana, Linda owned a successful marketing and advertising agency in Madison, Wisconsin. She is as talented in print, online and broadcast production as she is with photography.

In 2004, she founded Operation NEVER Forgotten, a military support nonprofit organization where today she continues to contribute her talents.


Living in Montana Linda surrounds herself with wildlife opportunities.

She photographs only animals in-the-wild for publications however some of her past “captive” (or human-raised) predator images are available for commercial application. education and photo gifts products.

On the wild-side she states, “I’m passionate about protecting and respecting our wildlife, and their environment. Any attempts to alter normal behavior of wildlife potentially habituates or endangers that animal. Photography takes a good eye, patience and the ability to react fast. Sometimes that spectacular moment can be captured when knowing how to anticipate animal movement and behavior. And sometimes you just need a little luck with natural lighting and with what happens around us. Either way I love just being out there!”


Linda expresses, “As a watercolorist, I like getting artistic with photos.  Good shooting is all about the light. Good art is all about getting people feel something. My niche accentuates the art in photography that I describe as Photo Art.  This artistic photo look can either simplify, accent or define an image even more. When Posterizing images photographed with a long lens (having soft backgrounds and sharp foregrounds), it take photography to a deeper dimension.”

Whether you’re looking for a great canvas print or photo gift, Linda’s images are available as original unaltered images or rendered photo art.

Linda’s graphics background and creative eye put a twist to her images for endless ideas… and her rates are beyond compare!


To share how nature and animals can influence happiness in life.